Sis, we’ve made it through so much together.

The WEBC is a dream of mine, a place of discovery, imagination, insight, and intention.

Our hearts and minds have been tested by fire. I have seen you all level up and face fears, traumas, and victories like we could never have imagined. It has been amazing to see how strong and resilient you are up close. I love this community we have, and I want to increase my inner circle.

The Woman Evolve book club is my inner circle. It’s the place where I huddle up to learn, grow, and INVEST. The community has changed lives. This community is relentlessly faithful, from paying rent for sisters to breakthrough prayer to providing brand new cars.

  • Monthly Live Zoom, Hosted By SJR

    And, access to an exclusive podcast with SJR and the author!

  • A Digital Community

    A private group of sisters who are on the journey with you. We’ll chat and connect -- cuz that’s just how we do.

  • Book of the Month

    Plus, a Little Gift in Every Box

    *Physical copy of the book and box not provided for Digital Membership.

  • Digital Resource Packet

    • Reading Plan
    • Discussion Questions
    • Spotify Playlists
    • And More!

    These tools will help enrich and support your reading experience.

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Each month, we will journey together through the pages of a new book, finding hope, healing, freedom, and fun, and we will do it all together!


    Bring Your Own Book in your format of choice - eBook, library book, audio book - however you want to follow along.

    BYOB Members do not receive a Book Box, but receive all digital and access benefits.

    Your membership becomes active the day you register.

    $9.99 / MONTH 

    Every shipment includes our featured book, a little gift, a note from SJR, and more!

    $4.95 shipping for U.S. orders. Fees vary for international orders.

    Sign up by the 10th to receive the following month's shipment. Boxes arrive the first week of the month.

    $32.99 / MONTH